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Monticello-Wayne County Parks and Recreation

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Bo Hawkins, an Agent you can depend on!

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Bo Hawkins, Agent

Lakeland Insurance

Proud Sponsor of 

MWC Parks and Recreation

We would like to thank our basketball sponsor: 

Rise Mental Health & Wellness

Basketball sign-ups for 3rd-4th Grade and 5th-6th Grade league at the Aspire Center:

Monday, January 17th (4:00-6:00)

Tuesday, January 18th (4:00-6:00)

Thursday, January 20th (4:00-6:00)

**No Late Registrations**

If you can't make any of these dates you can come by Aspire Center Monday-Friday from (8:00-4:00) until the 20th and register or contact Aspire Center 606-340-9362.

Registration Fee is $25

Evaluation Night for 3rd-4th Grade will be Tuesday, January 25th at 6:00

Evaluation Night for 5th-6th Grade will be Monday, January 31st at 6:00

3-4 Soccer Teams


Coach: Rebecca Albright

Coach: Johnna Stearns

Cenora Albright

Willow Stearns

Noah Larry Johnson

Tristan Starling

Janson Dishman

Colton Myers

Layla Richardson


Coach: Chad Adkins

Coach: Richard Ramsey

Brooklyn Adkins

Sawyer Ramsey

Erionna Guffey

Nicholas Branscum

Rylee Simpson

Allison Norris

Rose Humphrey


Coach:  Cortney Stinson

Coach: Elizabeth Miller

Annistyn Stinson

Palmer Grace Miller

Asher Guffey

Oakley Guffey

August Pyles

Sophie Pyles

Daniel Tucker


Coach:  Anita Bowman

Coach: Seth Bowman

Addie Bowman

Josie Bowman

Prestin Hicks

Zavia Peyton

Recich K Bowman

Aleli Hcotoyac

Norah Stone

Josiah Stone

3-4 Schedule

Thank you to our Sponsors:

FCC Kids

Healthy Kids Clinic


5-6 Soccer Division


Coach:  Anita Bowman

Coach:  Seth Bowman

Eli Bowman

Dawson Upchurch

Maecey Alley

Sawyer Rose

Jamie Tibai

Jose Tinoco

Gumer Juqrez

Colson Prince

Bryce Gregory

Jase Hall

Mud Dogs

Coach Malesha Hughes

Coach Robert Koontz

Gentry Coy

Robby Koontz

Noah Stephenson

Kalen Duncan


Rosalyn Dodson

Jasey Branscum

Karter Rose

Allison Scott

Draven Denney


Coach Autumn Raynes

River Raynes

Ridge Raynes

Scottlynn Jones

Colter Raynes

Kylie Lay

Isaac Coy

Jillian Allen

Charlee Thrasher

Levi Dodson

Americus Neill

Avery Garrett

Emerie Hickey

Bode Robbins


Coach Samantha Casada

Coach Colton Casada

Ian Casada

Rylan Burchett

Rex Burchett

Ariana Medina

Mia Moravec

Silas Hurt

Kevin Tucker

Alexis Crabtree

Harper Crabtree

Conner Huffaker


Coach Breanna Hicks

Cambree Coffey

Bradlee Upchurch

Bishop Denney

Carson Focht

Cooper Swope

Carson Swope

Ari Bolin

Tucker Stapp

Mason Queener

Brentley Foster

Lake Monsters

Coach Breanna Riley

Charlee Riley

Colson Miller

Audrey Jones

Colson Spencer

Cooper Gregory

Everly Martin

Piper Bell

Layne Young

Audrey Chaplin

Eva Hopper

Jackson Smith

5-6 schedule

Thank You to our Sponsors: 

Lakeland Insurance, Bo Hawkins Agent

First Southern National Bank

Citizens National Bank

7-9 Soccer


Coach Matthew Burchett

Coach Elizabeth Burchett

Landon Gregory

Jeremiah Burchett

Haylin Stearns

Galilea Santiz Martinez

Joshua Santiz Martinez

Blakelee Miller

Luke Kelsay

Olivia Branscum

Kilan Sexton

Camillia Crabtree

Clay Upchurch

Helina Hegel


Coach:Tim Bertram

Coach  Tiffani Bertram

Kayson Denney

Tucker Bertram

Ainsley Stinson

Dawson Stephenson

Zyler Coffey

Zoey Lay

Nathaniel Scott

Noah Scott

Isaac Eaton

Paisley Coffey

Abigail Bell

Tyler Grace Bertram

Piper Hughes


Coach:Shane Dishman

Elijah Ray Munsey

Summer Dishman

Mason Gray

Chloe Prince

Kaleigh Cash

Aiden Cooper

Cruz Berry

Maverick Agoirre

Zayden Castro-Hill

Michael Albright

Whitley Young

Roland Ulrich Merrell-Vaughn

Damion Marshall


Coach:Seth Bowman

Sarah West

Liam Bowman

Charleigh Stockton

Jake Young

Isabella Baker

Deacon Chriswell

Allianna Cooper

Tristan Brooks

Chloe Brooks

Nash Haproff

Emmalyn Lair

Orion Sand McClain

Boston Cook


Coach Eric Bertram

Coach Andrew Bertram

Lucas Hernandez

Jacob Bertram

Anabell Heatherly

Piper Thompson

Riley Hancock

Baylor Bartley

Jiles Tucker

Israel Choc

Wiley Joe Bell

Kaylee Hicks

Natalie Jones

George Talley

Emily Kaory Juarez Salimas


Coach Chris Burks

Coach Whitney Burks

Kainen Rednour

Daisy Burks

Macy Dishman

Colton Dishman

Hunter Dishman

Adrian Davalow

Alex Rosales

Eleanor Duncan

Harrison Duncan

Keland Duncan

Emma Walters

Adalynn Walters

7-9 Schedule

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Monticello Banking Company

Otter Creek Timber

Vision Care

City of Monticello Mayor Tracie Sexton

Season Standings

Wildcats 6-1-1

Sharknados 5-3

Bears 3-5

Stars 2-3-3

Coyotes 2-3-3

       Dragons 2-5-1      

7-9 League Winners, WildCats

10-13 Soccer


Coach Julie Stockton

Simon Stockton

Savanna Stockton

Autumn Dyer

Bella Dyer

Oliver Burks

Chloe Brown

Cailyn Bowman

Katie Denney

Wesley Denney

Dylan Stephenson

Lake Monsters

Coach:Lonnie Chaplin

Jackson Reichenbach

Aubrey Bell

Alisson Perez

Elias Sagastume

Tony Tinoco

Jacob Thrasher

Etan West

Keagon Gill

Grayson Denney

Sadie Bell


Coach Jonathan Roysdon

Gavin Huffaker

James David Munsey

Lisa Byler

Isaiah Byler

Slade Gregory

Simon Gregory

Sara Bertram

Payten Hancock

Brent Anderson Jr

Yasmine Castro

Chalee Hollars

Jayden Munsey


Coach Alesha Holder

Coach Hayden Davis

Ashtyn Holder

Andrea Davis

Moises Hernandez

Ali Kelsay

Pedro Machic

Candence Branscum

Colson Vaughn

Cobain McGuire

Jacklynn Dishman

Jace Lowe

Cheyenne Hicks

10-13 Schedule

Thank You to our Sponsors

Dr. Stephanie Southard

County Judge Mike Anderson


Rays of Hope Intervention

Season Standings

Dragons 1-7

Wolverines 7-0-1

Lake Monsters 6-1-1

Storm 1-7



10-13 First Place Team, Wolverines