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Monticello-Wayne County Parks and Recreation

Rise Mental Health & Wellness

Proud Supporter of Youth Basketball and the Parks and Recreation

Pre-School & K


Coach: Richard Ramsey

Coach:  Wesley Dick

Color: Green/White Ink

Jeremiah Reynolds

Jackson Hoover

Harper Roberts

Carson Foster

Audrey Gibson

Kyler Jones

Sawyer Ramsey

Brody Dick


Coach: Chase Lowe

Color: Gray Shirts/Black Ink

Austin Simmons

Greyson Rose

Aubrie Slagle

Miley Sutton

Kayden Allen

Cooper Sanders

Liam Sanders

Treyton Lowe


Coach: Travis Pace

Color: Blue Shirts/White

Espen Faulkner

Andrew Sweet

Willow Stearns

Barrett New

Avery Allen

John Pace

Connor Pace

Clay Gregory


Coach: Jordan Crabtree

Color: Yellow/Blue

Asia Crabtree

Skylar Witt

Stanley Witt

Jeice Johnson

Daivian McClellan

Silas Burchett

Ella Chaplin

Emma Alton


Coach: Kim Bridgeman

Orange Shirts with Blue Ink

Kyleigh Rhule

Maggie Kempton

Anselm Fox Pino

Kaderick Garrett

Zayden Decker

Brycen Brown

Janson Dishman

Bryson Bell


Coach:  Heather Pyles

Red Shirts with Black Ink

Wrenley Jones

Corbyn McCoon

Quincy Skeens

Hendrix Burke

Avery Bethel

Evann Edwards

Liyahna Ford

Bryar Southworth

Oliver Pyles

1st-2nd Grade


Team Knicks

Coach: Kaitlyn Foster

Coach: Megan Upchurch

Color: Orange/ Blue Ink

Dalton Tucker

Dawson Upchurch

Kenzleigh Mansfield

Colson Spencer

Aiden Day

Reece Harwick

Addilyn Dean

Link Phillips

Briar Corder


Team Bulls

Coach: Jarred Parmley

Coach:  Rachel Gregory

Coach:  Sam Sexton

Color: Red/Black Ink

Blakely Piercy

Audrey Jones

Cooper Gregory

Paxton Parmley

Carter Brown

Canon Tipton

Eli Bowman

Brayden Penney

Oakley Gregory


Team Spurs

Coach: Jason Little 

Color: Gray/Black Ink

Kayson Rose

Marley Morrow

Emilee Crabtree

Gabe Barnes

Brycen Kempton

Kizer Rhule

Avery Little

Tye Stevens

Xander Ford


Team Raptors

Coach: Chris Lester

Coach: Dereck Lester

Color: Black/Red Ink

Cambree Coffey

Liam Pearson

Albert Martinez Mendoza

Camden Lester

Kevin Brown

Ethan Brown

Peyton Speidel

Elias Gibson

Robby Koontz


Team Warriors

Coach: Kim Brake

Color: Yellow/Blue Ink

Lazarus Sowell

Kinley Sexton

Sawyer Rose

Cooper Brake

Nicholas Raines

Porter Brake

Caiden Casada

Ian Casada

Honor Phillips


Team Magic

Coach: Adam Chaplin

Coach: Josh Bartley

Color: Blue/White Ink

Logan Parker

Body Hughes

Brooke Quetone

Baylor Bartley

Ayden Chaplin

Draven Denney

Jaxson Perkins

Bristol New

Brooklyn Crabtree


Coach: Noah Rice

Coach: Richard Ramsey

Color: Green/White

Charlye Rice

Andrew Wright

Ryver Ramsey

Adalynn Walters

Tyler Grace Bertram

Jaylee Bowles

Coltor Raynes

Rylee Taylor

Christian Rice

Harbor Turpin


Team Kings

Coach: Cole Smith

Coach: Jarrett Sexton

Color: Purple/White

Kiley Dishman

Bralei Lofton Sloan

Mason Queener

Jett Sexton

Jackson Smith

Bryce Gregory

Conner Huffaker

Blakelynn Barnes

Brentley Foster